Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just wana hold you in my arms.

What do girls want?



Girl : humm, not in bye
Boy : Okay. * hangs up


Girl : humm, not in bye
Boy : hey, whats wrong? tell me .

Girls are bitches, yes. But if  she's worth it, you' ll chase after her instead of letting her go.We say bye, hang up, and all that stuff , but the only reason we do that is to see if you love and care about us enough to come after us and make things better. When we say go, we mean stay. We want you to stay.

Girls are complicated. They don't really know what they want,but the biggest thing they know is being loved by boys. Most of the times,we want the way we want. We must get what we want,and some boys,have the same personalty as us. So that tend to create quarrels and misunderstandings.When girls pretend not to care, its usually the opposite. We care,we really do. Just that we don't want to show. We don't want you guys to think that we think too much or sometimes,you guys may find us irritating if we care for you too much.